Friday, 30 July 2010


Thankyou to all Doms, Dommes and Dolls who has made the first 5 days of this room very exciting at times. We had 17 people at one time last night, which is much more than I imagined for the first 5 days. It does still get very empty at times, but as it has been less than a week, I expected this, and hopefully in a couple of weeks, we can start ranking in the top 10 of the channel list.

But please continue to support the room, and continue to have fun. I have been working mercilessly the last few days to bring you a competent bot so that you can record and view profiles. If you would be kind enough to create a profile if you see the bot in the room, that would be great.

From your favourite barbie doll
Kay xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Some Barbie Dolls

Meet The Room Owner

Irc Nickname: plasticbarbiedoll
Real Name: Kayleigh
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: North England
Normal Activities: Shopping, Partying, Enjoying Life really.
Favourite Sex Position: Reverse Cowgirl
Favourite Piece of BDSM Equipment: Ballgag

Hello. If you are reading this, then that means you have stumbled into my room and if you are on this website, it can't have been by accident. I have a flickr profile with many more pictures of me (all innocent), but I don't want to publicly place the link on here as family view my flickr page and I want to keep the two things seperate. If I get to know you well enough, I may give you the link :).
I created this room because from what I have heard from people, there looks like there is a big demand for a fantasy room like this, as the fetish is fairly popular. I created it as a space where girls can be transformed into dolls or bimbos very willingly, or by force, in a fantasy setting and my rules below should allow for that. I don't want this to be a hypnosis room, or a place where everyone hides in PM. I want a room where people can act out these fantasies publicly and no-one will interfere unless they have to. I think I have said enough, if you see me around, be sure to say hi :). Speak Soon and Have Fun!!

Kay xx

Friday, 23 July 2010


Please read and obey these rules at all times, failure to do so may result in you being kicked or banned from the room.

1) This is a fantasy channel. You may give the barbies real life tasks if that particular girl is willing to do it, but it is not required of them. If you don't enjoy fantasy play, this room may not be for you.

2) I apologise in advance, but this room is strictly for transforming girls into barbie dolls, male subs/cd's/tv's/ts's will find no pleasure in this room.

3) If an Op messages you with a question, please reply. Failure to reply may result in a kick.

4) Dommes are welcome in this room and are more than welcome to transform or play with any of the barbies here. Dommes must be careful, however, as this room is not safe for any girl and a man or another Domme may have their eye on them.

5) No girl is required to play in this room, whether Domme or sub, if you notice that someone has their eye on you and you do not wish to play, PM them and politely them this. Do not tell them in the room as this will break the rooms character. If they try a second time, then message them again. If they persist a third time, then PM an op and the op will handle it. If anyone tries to transform you in the room and you resist, the only way to stop the scene is to PM that person and telling them, resisting in the room is just like you struggling in real life. Because this is done in private, you may have to PM many Doms that you dont want to play, if they dont know, they will try to take you, its something you'll have to live with :)

6) Dommes are not required to change their nicks or put it all in lowercase if they don't want to, this is fantasy and being transformed here does not make them a sub. If you are transformed here, however, and you return to the room, some people may remember your transformation from before and so treat you like a barbie doll already.

7) If you are a man or a Domme and a girl has PM'd you asking you not to try to play with them, please respect their wishes without starting an argument.

8) A note on hypnosis: hypnosis/mind control is allowed in the transformation process in the room, but please don't flood the room with text hypnosis that you may find in hypnosis rooms such as slackers.

9) If you a roleplaying publicly in the room and decide that you want to continue it in private, then please tell the room this by saying something like "/me takes his barbie doll to a private room" just so they know why you have disappeared.

10) While girls are allowed to play with girls here, if you are a girl and find the idea of playing with men repulsive, then please leave now.

11) This room is not limited to girls who want to be transformed into barbies, girls that already see themselves as barbies are more than welcome as well.

12) Girls who have been transformed, or who already are, barbie dolls are no longer allowed to dress modestly in the room. All barbie dolls are required to dress in slutty clothes/shoes/makeup.

13) This room does involved bondage and some non consensual play, but this is not a hardcore fetish room where you can beat the girls with a whip. No hard pain, watersports, scat or rape allowed in this room.

14) Ops are not allowed to interfere with any of the play in the room, unless they get a message from a female that is taking part asking them to stop it, or if it breaks rule 8 and 13. If an Op does continuously interfere with the play in the room without good reason, then please message plasticbarbiedoll when she is next online.

Please look back here periodically as the rules may be added to or modified continuously.

Welcome to Barbie Doll Transformations

Hello and Welcome to Barbie Doll Transformations. This is a transformation's room, so if that doesn't do anything for you, then turn away now before its too late :).

This is a room where cute and innocent girls, or spoilt bratty bitches, or even man hating Dommes can be transformed into slutty barbie dolls. The extremity of the barbie dolls can be flexible, whether the girl just has some enhanced boobs, dyed blonde hair, or whether it goes as extreme as a total modified body and mind. The end result hovers more towards becoming a bimbo than a robot though.

Dommes are more than welcome to enter and to transform and play with the barbies, but be careful, because no female can be totally safe in this room.

This room has some of the most advanced equipment and machinery you will ever see, waiting ages for breast enhancements to heal and the scars they leave behind are no longer a problem here.

If you are just looking for a room to have sex, please don't look here. This is mainly a transformation room which includes sex, but is not the main emphasis. So please don't PM our dolls with the motive of some quick cyber-sex, anyone caught doing this will be banned.

I repeat all females are fair game here to being transformed and the only way to stop a Man or Domme is to message him privately and ask him to stop, and he will do so. Rape is not allowed here, so you cant just make a girl bend over and take it, you must make her a barbie first.

Please look over all the rules and make sure you abide by them, failure to do so may result in you being kicked or banned from the room.